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Darn you, Ben & Jerry’s! Why did you create the perfect ice cream now?

This morning during my leg workout visions of ice cream lumbered through my head. Not any old ice cream, though, but the brand-new “core” ice creams being advertised by Ben & Jerry’s. Sigh. Ask anyone I know and talk to on a regular basis: I’ve been thinking about these danged ice creams ever since I […]

Beliefs about diet and exercise might dictate weight

Quick! What’s the cause of obesity — a lack of exercise or overeating? Your answer might be a reflection of your current body shape. Researchers from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology found that people who believe diet is most implicated in obesity have […]

Weight loss: It’s not just what you eat, but when

Eating your biggest meal early in the day can help speed weight loss — and maybe even stave off insulin resistance, a predictor of diabetes, according to a study published Jan. 29 in the International Journal of Obesity. Researchers from three collaborating universities conducted the study, which involved 420 overweight participants who followed a 20-week […]