Music drives the workout — my November lifting playlist

A workout without music is like … well … it’s like a whole lot of work, if you ask me. Ugh. <shudder>

But a workout with the right music? Now, that’s a lot of fun!

The right workout music playlist makes a big difference for me when it comes to both how hard I work out and for how long. Studies show I’m not alone. (For more about this, check out this blog post.)Music makesthe workout

Faster, stronger beats push us harder and make exercise seem easier than it would be without those beats.

For me, different music drives my lifting workouts than my cardio/high-intensity interval (HIIT) workouts. I tend to like heavier rock when I lift and faster paced music for HIIT and cardio (and for HIIT, I tend to like that faster-paced music a little on the angry side because HIIT makes me angry while I’m doing it. 🙂 )

I always love to know what other people are listening to when they work out so I thought I’d share my own playlist from this morning’s workout.

What kind of music do you listen to when you work out? Like I said, I’m always all ears (get it?) when it comes to what music people are listening to. (Note: the playlist below requires Spotify – free! – to work.)

Wendy Watkins

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